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Brand business that creates "New Markets"

We, Fortune Inc. are a wholesale distributor of domestic and international contract brands such as watches and lifestyle goods. So-called Fabless plans and develops its own cosmetics and apparel brands.
Sales channels are Active Sports, Outdoor, and Lifestyle. The founding members have more than 20 years of experience in this market, so we have a strong connection in this field. “Skilled” and “Knowledgeable” people are here.
Our creed,
"Can we offer users a different experience than what they are used to?"
"Is there any way to create a customer and then new market?"
These questions are the core of our minds.

When we think “where to sell a product” for instance, a watch, at an electronics mass retailer or, a fashionable sports store, the "experience value" for the customers should be completely different. We think thoroughly about the "users" and their "context," who purchase and use our products. To continue refining our brands "reasons for people to choose us" through hypothesis, verification, and improvement. We always want you to love the brand and feel the enthusiasm as one of the “users."
Our missions give cutting-edge experience for new customers, and the in-depth brand business draws out further opportunities to create new markets.



“The toughest of all the time” – one and only. A presence as a unique item in the sports and fashion scenes. Since its inception in 1983, countless advanced and functional models have been showing until this day, and their evolution continues unabated. As an authorized Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Fortune wholesales G-SHOCK to action sports and lifestyle shops nationwide. We also carry various Casio watch brands such as BABY-G, for active women, and PRO TREK, for outdoor gear with the concept of being tough and then cute.

Born in 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the wild west of the United States, Wolfgang Man & Beast is a lifestyle brand with a new concept that fits outdoor lovers and their best friends: dogs. American Made leads and collars with graphics on high-durable and soft webbing materials. Fortune began distributing in 2015 as the exclusive distributor in Japan. Our sales policy is to "not do business with stores that sell live animals," based on our desire to "eliminate dogs and animals that are abandoned or killed due to human selfishness. We have doubts about the immaturity of the supply chain (breeding, distribution, and sales) in Japan's pet business and have distanced ourselves from it, selling wholesale mainly to outdoor and lifestyle stores.

Fortune's house brand “moani organics” is an authentic organic cosmetic developed for women who love the sea and the sun. We had numerous conversations with leading cosmetics factories in Japan to build up this brand as a made-in-Japan. It took three years and finally launched in the summer of 2016. All of our products are certificated by ECOCERT. ECOCERT is an organic certification organization, one of the largest operations of its kind in the world. To ensure that our beloved ocean is always beautiful and that we can enjoy it in the sun while giving proper care without worrying about UV damage. We create products from plants and organic raw materials through "Green Chemistry" (environmentally friendly and ethical chemistry). And seek to achieve both "sustainability" and “effectiveness.”


Fortune Inc.
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Ebisu-Minami, 2-1-8, Ebisu OT Bldg. 7F
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Aug. 21st, 2003
16 million yen
Fiscal year July
CEO Takahiro Kinoshita
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Roppongi Branch
Omotesando Partners Law Office
Business Lines - Outdoor, Sporting, Pet goods, Accessories, Cosmetics; Planning, Manufacturing, Importing, and Sales.
- CASIO watch; Distribution sales, SP planning, and Advertising.


We continue to strive for new challenges and boundless growth.

We seek to give happiness to everyone who involves with us.

Fortune is a company that sells "things." But it is "humans" who create and sell things. The customer buys and uses them, of course, our goal as an organization is not to be a company that moves things from right to left automatically. Our definition is: “Each member should be constantly challenging and looking for growth." “Always try to update themselves and continue to take on new challenges.

All of our members have ambition and passion. We handle just things. However, they could have a soul and resonate with the customers. As a result, both goods and companies evolve in the same way. These are our policies. We will also strive to be a "Good seller, Good buyer” and we have Good public. We are not only seeking physical benefits but also emotional richness with a grateful and appreciative heart. We aim to make our society and community better.

The "things" we sell are products created with this intention. And we will cultivate them not as substitutable commodities but as "products of unique value" = "brands."

When we think of brand value having solid customer trust and history. It is not something like rolling in dough.

Innovative designs and projects, great features and effects, or maybe hospitality are one reason to gain trust. Keeping Challenging for the customer is essential. This is how we create brands and deliver them with passion and sincerity. We hope to share the excitement and excitement with the customers who with us.